Excitable Energy Sept 5-26, 2016

Mars, the action planet, in a harmonious Trine aspect with Uranus, the planet of unexpected, sudden, innovative & the unusual, brings excitable energies.

The 120 degree Trine eases these normally volatile energies.


This Aug. 18, 2016 Lunar Eclipse

Occurring at 25 degrees Aquarius, directly activates birthdays for those people born on February 13,14,15 and on August 6,17,18 of any year. Primary activity being felt for six weeks, with lingering effects over the following six months.


Saturn Directs from Retrograde August 13, 2016

This teaching planet, business planet & the hearld of long term projects has been Retrograding since March 25, 2016, and resumes direct motion to get more action directed in these areas of our lives now and until April 6, 2017.

Since the direct station to resume occurs at 9 degrees Sagittarius, there will be long term benefits for those people with birthdays on November, 27, 28 & 29.


Transits of Venus, Mercury, & Sun in Leo

These once per year transits begin on July 12, 2016.  Each of them lasting approximately one month.  Mercury moves through Leo, July 14 until July 30, bringing increased communications & travel for Leo’s. Venus makes this Leo transit July 12 through August 5 bringing fortunate aspects and a feeling of emotional well being. Then, the transiting Sun enters Leo on July 22 starting a new year cycle for Leo’s.

May 22, Mercury Directed from Retrograde

Directing at 14 degrees Taurus.  This sets a stage for long term benefit for birthdays May 4, 5 & 6 of any year; some nice happenings to be felt for a long time.

5 Planets Retrograde

With this being the current ‘hand’ delt, we find ourselves retracing some steps we have taken. We can recheck & rework past choices for more optimum results. If we don’t like what we have created, we may simply change our minds, command & envision different results.

Jupiter is the first planet to direct from Retrograde, on May 9.  And, optimism reins again!

Retrograde Mars, Jupiter & Saturn with Mercury to Follow

These inner directed aspects may create the feeling of being put on hold for outer directed action.  It is a time to access those plans all ready in action. As Retrogrades pass over their key degrees three times, it becomes easy to rework & implement changes, refining what were good plans into really great projects.

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